Synthetic Grass

Elizabeth Campbell | 01/22/15

There are no brown patches, dead spots or reseeding necessary when you install our artificial grass turf in your yard.

Gail Reisinger | 01/20/15

You will save money in the long run on water and lawn service when you install synthetic grass in your yard. Maintaining a real grass lawn is much harder than rinsing off an artificial lawn with your hose.

Deborah Stone | 01/18/15

You can check out synthetic grass prices by calling one of our dealers in your area.

Elizabeth Kielley | 01/16/15

Homeowners love the look of artificial grass.

Diane Hargis | 01/14/15

Today you can have a synthetic grass yard that not only looks good but increases the value of your home.

Darla Hall | 01/13/15

We can install artificial grass in your front yard and put a putting green made of synthetic grass in your backyard.

Eyvonne Kafouros | 01/11/15

Fake grass from years ago looked so bad people would laugh at it.

Carol Goodman | 01/11/15

You can save money and cancel your lawn service when you have an artificial lawn.

Carol Dudgeon | 01/09/15

You can spend more time with your family when you have an artificial lawn that maintains itself.

Edita Egley | 01/09/15

Fake grass looks so real today that people won't know it's fake.

Elizabeth Moss | 01/09/15

You can have the look of a professionally manicured lawn when you install our synthetic grass.

Candace Turer | 01/07/15

If you're tired of cutting grass, weeding, trimming and fertilizing, it's time to replace your real grass with artificial grass.

Cathy Goldaine | 01/05/15

Check out the synthetic grass prices and you'll agree that it will pay for itself in a short time.

Anne Wedrogowski | 01/04/15

You can have a consistently beautiful lawn all year long with synthetic grass. If you live in the desert where water is at a premium, artificial grass will help you help the environment.

Donna Epes | 01/04/15

You can save money on weed control when you have fake grass in your yard.

David Davidson | 01/04/15

Synthetic grass prices are very reasonable and will save you time and money over a real grass lawn.

Evlalie Poll | 01/02/15

You can have a beautiful green lawn all year long when we install an artificial lawn for you.

Debra Halpin | 12/31/14

Our artificial grass needs very little infill because of our twisted fibers that stand on their own.

Darlene Senko | 12/29/14

While other companies put out fake grass that looked like cheap plastic, our artificial grass revolutionized the industry.

Diane Howard | 12/29/14

If you own a business, synthetic grass is the only way to go.

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